Women Everywhere Advocating Violence Elimination Inc (WEAVE Inc), formed in 2009, is a National Women’s Alliance that aims to eliminate gendered violence (including sexual assault, domestic violence, stalking, sexual exploitation and trafficking). As a non-partisan coalition WEAVE Inc brings together groupings that have sometimes worked separately from one another, such as sexual assault services, women’s health services, women’s legal services, domestic and family violence services, and organisations working against trafficking. In drawing together key stakeholders that make up the ‘violence against women sector’ as well as survivors, and activist and interest groups, WEAVE embeds a wealth and diversity of experience and expertise within a single body.

(a) To provide leadership and advocacy at state and national levels in relation to all aspects of gendered violence.

(b) To bring together in a single body the key stakeholders concerned with all aspects of gendered violence in order to access and disseminate the wealth and diversity of knowledge within the sector as a whole.

(c) To contribute to and monitor policies, legislation and programs which impact on women and children experiencing gendered violence.

(d) To promote and prioritise equity of access to services for all women including Aboriginal  women, Torres Strait Islander women, women from immigrant, refugee and/or non-English speaking background, women in rural and isolated areas, older women, young women and women with disabilities.

(e) To promote greater community awareness of gendered violence and its personal and social consequences using community development and educational strategies.

(f) To build and promote alliances and collaborative relationships with other key stakeholders and networks.

(g) To promote, further develop and disseminate ‘cutting edge’ knowledge of gendered violence arising from practice, research, community and activism.

(h) To connect with international developments in advocacy, research and practice concerning gendered violence.

To ensure that all women and children are able to live free from all forms of violence and abuse.

Human Rights
WEAVE Inc employs a human rights framework that recognises that gendered violence is one of the most serious and widespread violations of fundamental human rights, in particular, the right not to be treated in an inhuman and degrading way, the rights to respect, physical, sexual and psychological integrity.

Feminist Framework
WEAVE Inc works within a feminist framework that recognises that gendered violence is both a consequence and cause of gender inequity, embedded deeply within all levels of our society, and that efforts to end such violence must be accountable to women and promote women’s empowerment and gender equality.

Equity, Diversity & Inclusivity
WEAVE Inc is committed to representing and working respectfully with the diversity of women in Australia. WEAVE Inc recognises, and seeks to advocate and lobby for, the particular and urgent needs of Indigenous women, women from immigrant, refugee and/or non-English speaking backgrounds, women with disabilities, as well as the challenges faced by  young women, older women and women in rural and remote areas.